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Jamie Mallender is a professional musician from Sheffield (UK.)  He has performed with numerous name artists, including Tony Martin - the former Black Sabbath vocalist, and has toured the world extensively in this capacity - playing to as many as 15,000 fans at Arena shows. Jamie has performed with members of T.Rex, Argent, The Kinks, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, The Quireboys, The UK Subs, Venom, Saxon, Bad Company and Dave Berry. He fronts his own band - Jamie Mallender's Swear Box and plays bass for The John Verity Band (www.johnverity.com) The Paddy Maguire Band (www.paddymaguire.com) Oliver's Army (featuring Graham Oliver of Saxon,) is a member of Iridium 77, plays sessions, has his own music teaching business called The Academy Of Rock and has released solo recordings, such as the "Tunes From The Mothership" EP and bass oriented instrumental album - "Return To Bass." Jamie now uses his "Starbug Studios" for select commercial recordings as well as for his own material and recording his students.  He is currently writing and recording for various projects, some of it solo material, some collaborative and some in a session capacity. 

 Slip Away - Slip Away - Single

Jamie endorses and uses products that he believes in, exclusively.  He is very proud to use Fret-King Basses and Guitars, Vintage Basses and Guitars, Hartke Amplification, Xvive Effects Pedals, Danelectro Cool Cat Pedals, Snark Tuners and Rotosound Strings.