The Tony Martin Band's 3rd trip to Russia was to prove to be a most confusing experience for them.  They knew that the 1st gig at Apelsin Club in Moscow was to be just the Tony Martin Band doing a full show, but had very little information about the rest of the trip.  They knew that the 2nd night they would be playing in The Kremlin along with some other rather famous names from the west, but the other 2 gigs were pretty much a mystery.  However, the band always look forward to a trip to Russia.  They have made many good friends there, the fans are always loud and, well, fanatical!  And the band has always been very well looked after in Russia. 
The gigs in Russia were to be the 1st to feature Rolf Munkes from the Empire project (also featuring Tony Martin) on guitar.
Hospitality in Moscow
Joe Harford fell in love again at the airport
img 061.jpg
Nice when a promoter does actually make sure the posters go up. In this case, they were all over Moscow
Dodgy Chris has a tab before checking into the hotel.
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