Being in a band can be tough for many reasons.  Possibly the toughest part of being in a band, is keeping going.  Longevity (if I've spelt that correctly) is not a quality most bands posess.  In Russia, they have a band who are very famous there called Zemlyane and 2006 marks their 30th year in the business.  Their birthday party was held in The Kremlin and many guest singers and bands were invited to perform to help them celebrate in a performance filmed for airing on Russian TV sometime in December.  Unfortunately, the organisers decided that each guest artist would perform only one song (Tony was expecting to do a few.)  Then they decided that only the singers and the very famous band members would be allowed on stage.  Along with many other musicians who were deemed not famous enough, all Jamie, Rolf, Joe and Danny could do was watch a show-stealing version of Headless Cross.
Poster for the Kremlin gig 7.11.2006
Jamie Mallender stood outside the Kremlin building.
At the reasturant where all the bands and guest stars ate before going to the Kremlin
Jamie Mallender, Tony Iommi and Danny Needham
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