A very strange thing happened on the way to the dressing room. 


Jamie Mallender, "I was just going to the dressing room to pour myself a glass of red, when I heard someone in the backstage lobby shouting me over.  A few suits appeared, and a few photographers, and suddenly all of us in the band were presented with an international medal for peace!  I have no idea what we did to earn the medal, nor if it has any real significance, but it is very pretty, and I dig it.  I can't really decide, but I think I'm proud!

Above, is the certificate we were presented with.  As you can tell, it was printed by someone who knows absolutely nothing about the Tony Martin Band.  They've put the name of the band as Black Sabbath.  Tony was in Black Sabbath, but isn't anymore.  Geoff Nicholls worked with Black Sabbath for twenty-odd years, but doesn't anymore.  I've now met Tony Iommi, but have as yet, not joined his band.  Tony's name is written back to front, as is Egor's, who is a promoter, and not in any band at all.  Neither is Chris, who is in fact, a sound engineer.  Not that Egor or Chris don't deserve a  medal, I'm sure they do - though I have no real idea why - but they have never been members of Black Sabbath, nor the Tony Martin Band.  Confused?  So am I."