Jamie Mallender, "The Kremlin experience left me feeling really down in the mouth.  I had visited one of the single most facinating places in the world, thinking I was going to be playing a gig, and was left sitting in the wings with a glass of red and a medal I don't understand.  Ok, we were being treated very very well, but I didn't go to Russia to stuff myself with free food, drink wine and kill time.  I'd rather be at home with my family and my local pub if I can't get onstage.  Thankfully, at The Ice Hall in St Petersburg the whole band went onstage.  They only let us (and all the other acts) do 1 song (cut down from 4), but the crowd reaction was immense + for me - those 5 minutes onstage were like gold.  We proved a point.  Of course, by that point I was so wound-up that I wasn't sure what the point was anymore - but whatever it was - we proved it. 
I was very proud to be part of the band that night.  Russia loves this band, and we love Russia."
Jamie stood by a poster for the Ice Hall show
Dodgy Chris shows his disaproval for the bands poor soundcheck attitude
Jamie stood by the ampeg rig he was to use for the show
The band posed for a line-up shot in their dressing room just before the gig. This picture is now all over the internet as the most commonly used band picture. In fact, Dodgy Chris took it in the bathroom with Jamie's broken camera
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