"On the 10th March 2006, I re-joined the lads from the Tony Martin Band, and we flew to Norway to play two much anticipated gigs.  Having never been to Norway before, I was very excited by both visiting a new country and being re-united with the band.  By now we are a very tight outfit, and seem to come out on top in every situation.  However, Norway wasn't without its challenges.
If I'm honest about our gig at Bar80, it wasn't the best attended gig in the world.  This was a shame, because the band played great.  The people that did attend were wonderful.  Fanatical support from true metal fans!!!!" 
10.03.06. Geoff + Jamie re-united and off to Norway.
10.03.06. Yes girls, that's Chris' real bicep in there.
10.03.06. Jamie arriving in Norway, and being very mature.
10.03.06. Rest of the band arriving in Norway, and being very mature.
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