The final gig, at the Olympic Stadium (filmed for Russian TV) was in some ways to be an anti-climax to this particular Russian trip, but not for the Tony Martin Band.  The crew at the final show made a lot of mistakes with both the sound and the equipment, spoiling a lot of the artist's performances.
But because The Tony Martin Band played live and had their own brilliant engineer, they were able to overcome these problems and played a great show, which most people said was the best of the night. 
On new years eve that same year, the recording of The Tony Martin Band performing Breathe, Devil And Daughter And Headless Cross would be played on Russian tv and was the most watched show in the country that evening.
Billboard poster for the show on 11.11.06
Jeff Kolman and Mark Mondesir from Glenn Hughes' band and Danny Needham and Jamie Mallender from the Tony Martin Band
Bonnie Tyler with the Tony Martin Band
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