"The flight to Sweden went very smoothly (apart from one streak of piss air hostess being really snotty with me for using my mobile on the plane - as if I would!!!!) - no delays, no dead people on the railway lines + lots of free whiskey samples on hand at the airport.  We were met at the airport by Mick of www.swedmetal.com who was very amiable + efficient.  I immediately decided to spend as much time as possible tormenting him and trying to get on his nerves.  He didn't seem very easy to wear down though - Mick's a pretty laid back guy + one of the best promoters we have worked with.
The walls of Rockland are adorned by pictures + signatures of all the stars that have played there, giving one a sense of something to live up to.  The support band - Destiny (www.destinymetal.com) were really friendly + helpful - much like Thunderbolt were in Norway.  I was impressed with their professionalism + their set was very tight.  A band to listen out for. 
It was great to play with the Tony Martin Band again, it hadn't been long since we'd played Norway - but I'd really missed it.  The band is like a family of 7 uniquely talented and fascinating people.  I thought our set at Rockland was very powerful and energetic.  It certainly seemed to please the audience - who were in fine voice + full of enthusiasm." 
For more pictures of the show - go to www.patrikhellstrom.com