When Jamie went to Russia with the Tony Martin Band in 2005, he fell in love with Moscow.  February 2006 brought an opportunity to visit St Petersburg, Russias 2nd largest city to play the Heroes Of Rock Festival at The Ice Hall.  The show was opened by UDO and Supermax, then The Tony Martin went on before Uriah Heep, and the Nazareth headlined the show.  The Ice Hall was packed to capacity, meaning approximately 14,000 fans saw the band that night and the reception was incredible.  The crowd loved the Tony Martin set, and Jamie considers this particular gig as one of the highlights of his career.

He wrote a tour diary entry for the event, which many thousands of fans have read.  Unfortunately thanks to Lycos this has now been lost.  However, Jamie says, "if for some terrible reason I had to stop playing tomorrow, thats one of the gigs I would look back on and say, well at least I got to play The Ice Hall to 14,000 crazed metal fans."

The hotel Moscow, which isn't in Moscow.
A quick hotel room rehearsal 230206
HOR Press Conf Nastya (5).JPG
Heroes Of Rock, Press Conference, 230206
Heroes Of Rock, Press Conference, 230206
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