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Scott Dixon Speakers

21.09.18. Jamie now endorses the lightest bass cabs in the world.


Please welcome our latest endorsee @jamiemallender .

Jamie uses 2x ScottDixon INC 600 Watt Bass Cabs

The Dims at H 590 X W 330 X D 402 including Lid 2 x 10”x 300 Watt Neodymium Celestion Bass Speakers

The Weight comes in at world beating 9kg made with Lid to protect the grill all made from special Grade of Military grade of Aluminium for the cabs and the cost is £598 inc VAT per cab each 100watt Horn with atenuator POA

Jamie has previously toured with former @blacksabbath vocalist Tony Martin & Former Argent front man @john_verity_official

2018 sees Jamie filling venues, with bands Swear Box, The Paddy Maguire Band and Iridium 77.

Amp info- https://www.scottdixoninc.com/scottdixoninc-speakercabinets



From Jamie's Facebook Page

27.07.18. New single coming...


We thought you might like to see this post from Jamie's Facebook Page.


"Recorded a new single by accident!

I wanted to test whether the iPad Air could handle recording multiple inputs simultaneously. So I plugged the Swear Box Cigar Box Guitar from Screaming Skull  and My Rode NT1 and the longboard stomper from Urchin Percussion into the Focusrite iTrack Dock and recorded a tune into Cubasis 2, using JamUp Pro to re-amp the CBG. Everything worked great and the track came out really well, just as a sort of fluke. With no editing, overdubs or timing correction etc, I think I’m just going to put it out - as it is."




The Centre Of The Universe - Out Now!

04.06.2018. The Centre Of The Universe - Out Now!

Jamie's new single is released today - available for download only on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby etc.. and can be streamed in all the usual places like Spotify, Apple Music and so on. There is also a stunning video - click here to view:- The Centre Of The Universe Video.




The Centre Of The Universe


Jamie will release a new single for download only on 04.06.2018.  The track features artwork by Jamie's youngest daughter, Layla (age 9.)  Written and recorded entirely by Jamie at Starbug Studios, on all instruments and vocals.


The track is said to be acoustic rock in style and featuring some quite poignant lyrics. 


Expect more publicity soon.




Featuring live performance, chat, Jamie's recorded music and much more - tune in and turn it up!!!!






On The 8th April, Jamie will be interviewed on Chesterfield's Spire Radio Show, for the Sunday Showcase Show by Tracey Leeds.  Jamie has scheduled a number of radio interviews in support of his solo material. Yes, that's right - there'll be more exciting releases soon! Watch this space.





Buy On iTunes


HippieBilly Boogie is now available as a downloadable single from all the usual sites. Click here to watch the video.



Boogie Art

23.01.18. Artwork Reveal!

On 02.02.2018. Jamie's new single will be available for download through iTunes and all the other usual legal download sites - and here is the artwork!  A video has also been prepared to promote the release.



The HippieBilly Boogie

20.01.18. The HippieBilly Boogie

On 02.02.18. Jamie will release, "The HippieBilly Boogie," as a downloadable single through CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon etc..


The track is an instrumental produced in Starbug Studio, written and performed entirely by Jamie.  The track features the cigar box guitar from Screaming Skull Guitars as the lead instrument throughout, as well as numerous other acoustic instruments. 












Giants Of Rock 2018


The John Verity Band, featuring Liam James Gray and Jamie Mallender will perform at The Giants Of Rock festival this year on Saturday 27th Jan. The band has played the festival twice before but they prove ever popular with the audience. Jamie has also played the festival with Oliver's Army, featuring Saxon's Graham Oliver. 




The Video Experiment

18.01.18. The Video Experiment

Jamie has launched a series of rough and ready videos, sharing the day to day work, thoughts, hassles in the life of a professional musician.  The series has no plan, anything could happen. Tune in to Jamie's channel to find out more.



06.11.17.  John Verity - Blue To My Soul

John Verity's latest album, Blue To My Soul will be released on 10th November 2017. It features Jamie Mallenmder playing his Fret-King Ventura Bass on track 2 - "This Old Dog."


The track is a song John Verity wrote about a time when he decided he should give up playing music live, and then thankfully changed his mind. 


Click here for more info at John Verity's Website - Blue To My Soul


Screaming Skull

27.10.17. Screaming Skull Cigar Box guitars

Whilst Jamie is predominantly known to the public as a bass guitarist, he is actually a great player, lover and teacher of all sorts of things with strings. He recently became quite fascinated with Cigar Box Guitars when a student brought one into a guitar lesson. It wasn't long before Jamie had built a simple fretless model from a kit purchased by his partner, Donna Field.  The pickup in the guitar was poor so Jamie fitted some electronics salvaged from a broken electro-acoustic guitar. From there, Jamie was looking for a quality built, fretted CBG. That's when he discovered Screaming Skull who quickly asked him to become an endorsee. Photos, video footage and more to appear soon.


Check out Screaming Skull products here: Screaming Skull CBG


















Please Swear generously

24.10.17. £830 Raised

Jamie Mallender, "I’m over the moon to announce that we have just transferred £830 from the Swear Box to Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Thank you all you foul mouthed Swear Box fans, it means a great deal to us. For those venues who take exception to the name, this is what it’s all about. Long may the success of Swear Box continue." 


"Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this donation, whether by being part of the band, by booking us or just purely and simply by having a foul mouth and a generous pocket. Swear Box is going from strength to strength, the demand for bookings next year is quite stunning. So, we’ll be continuing to do our bit for the Children’s Hospital and keeping music 100% live!!!! Death to backing tracks! Please Swear Generously!"





20.05.17. Urchin Percussion

Jamie's recent increased interest in acoustic music has led him to some interesting new territory. He began performing at acoustic gigs by keeping time with a tambourine under his foot. He wasnt very satisfied with this however.  A lot of acoustic performers use stomp boxes but they really stamp on them Jamie wouldnt be able to do this due to a medical condition.  Then, Tim Gillespie at Urchin Percussion made him a beautiful birch stomper pedal that he only has to tap with his foot and it makes a great kick drum type sound. 


Urchin percussion make a fabulous range of hand made acoustic percussion instruments. They are superior in quality to anything else on the market, yet reasonably priced. 


Check Urchin out at www.urchinpercussion.com


or www.facebook.com/urchinpercussion



Holland 2017

18.04.17. Holland

The Jenna Hooson Band have just returned from a successful mini tour of Holland. Jamie performed with Paddy for the first time in 2013 on a tour of The Netherlands. The band have continued to perform there ever since but couldn't fit it in to the diary in 2016 and so were keen to get back there this year. The bands popularity there seems to grow and grow with each visit.


Dates played:-

14.04.17. Bar American, Middelburg

15.04.17. The Lane, Oostburg

16.04.17. Cafe Het Spektakel (with Northsyde)

17.04.17. Cafe De Reunie, Geleen





Iridium 77

07.03.2017. Iridium 77

In 2016, Gav Coulson, Tim Gillespie and Jamie Mallender performed a one-off gig at Gav's local, The Bull & Fairhouse. It was an unrehearsed, thrown together gig - performing some metal covers from the likes of Dio, Sabbath, Ozzy etc.. Needing a name for the band at the last minute, they were billed as "The Metal Years."


The gig was very successful and the lads decided they enjoyed working together but were slightly uncomfortable with the name. So the band has been renamed Iridium 77 and they are booking shows for later in 2017 and beyond.


More info as and when it's available..... stay tuned! 



R.I.P. Geoff Nicholls, Legend.

29.01.2017. R.I.P. Geoff Nicholls. (Quartz, Black Sabbath and The Tony Martin Band)

First Posted at www.black-sabbath.com


"Musician, Funny Man And Friend


When I was a teenager and suddenly all I was interested in was music, Ozzy Osbourne was a solo artist and Black Sabbath had Tony Martin on vocals and of course, Geoff Nicholls was the invaluable offstage extra band member. So to me, that was what Black Sabbath sounded like. Tracks like The Shining and Headless Cross, resplendent with the gloss Geoff’s musicianship brought to the band were always on my stereo at that time. I discovered the other Sabbath stuff later. So for me, to suddenly get to be in a band with Tony Martin and Geoff Nicholls and be up there, playing those songs on tour on stages all over the world was like a dream come true. Now, they say you should never meet your heroes, and I’ve met many of mine, even worked with some of them. But I can tell you truthfully that knowing and working with a Geoff was nothing but a pleasure. Geoff was a big hearted, kind guy – a big softy. He loved music and he loved to make people laugh. The jokes never seemed to stop coming, he could really be the life and soul and if he wasn’t joking around he was telling us one of his many many road stories. Sometimes I really wanted him to shut up because my sides were hurting.


People tend to think of Geoff as a keyboard player, but essentially, he was musician. He could turn his hand to a lot of different instruments, he could sing, he had an amazing ear, he was a great writer – and he did it all with and endearing humility. It didn’t matter who he’d worked with, he was just Geoff.


Danny Needham and I once spent a day at Geoff’s where he fed us and showed us some music he’d been working on for a TV show, beautifully constructed instrumental stuff. He showed us some of his old instruments, platinum disks and tour shirts from old tours. He also told us about some of the pitfalls of the industry and gave us some advice of how to survive when the nasty stuff happens. And when Danny and I headed off into the city at night to sample a few beers, he gave us directions and a key, and told us to be careful like a loving parent.

When the band ceased to be, Geoff and I kept in touch with the occasional e-mail or phone call. He sent me funny stuff and always asked after my family. He used to remind me that Birmingham wasn’t actually that far from Sheffield and that if I was playing out that way I should call for a cuppa and a catch up. I always said I would and of course, I intended to. But I’m sad to say that I never got on with it. When you’re in about 15 bands and you’ve got kids and responsibilities it’s always next time I’m out this way…. Next time I’ll make sure I make time. There’s a lesson to be learned there.


When you’re on the road with a band, there are always experiences you share that result in certain catchphrases, band sayings and maybe in-jokes. When we were in a restaurant with Geoff, he would always ask (no matter what the meal was) for some chips (fries) with it, orange Fanta and ketchup. I think he had ketchup on just about everything. Whenever Danny and I speak of Geoff we always say, “can I have some fries with that,” or simply shout, “ketchup!” I dunno, maybe that’s not even mildly amusing to read, but if you’d ever been on the road with Geoff it would be.


So anyway, another stellar musician has left us. I wish I’d known him longer, I wish I’d worked with him more, I wish I’d called for a cuppa. My life was very much enriched for having known him. I thought of Geoff onstage tonight with The John Verity Band. We were playing, “The Devils Music,” from the “My Religion” album. I remember when I recorded the bass, thinking Geoff would have really liked that line. Anyway, goodbye Captain Ketchup, you’ll be sadly missed. So raise a glass to Geoff people, stick Headless Cross on and pay your respects."



Jamie Mallender 28.01.2017.




Christmas Curse!


Happy New Year everyone! 


As advertised in our previous news bulletin, almost all the Swear Box pool of players, plus special guests performed at The Milestone on the 4th of December. It was a free and easy acoustic jam with different members of the band assembling assorted line-ups and trying out songs they had never played before or had never played with each other before. The gig was booked as a 6 until 8 slot, but the performance actually lasted 5 hours and the pub was packed for the duration. There were some stunning performances, which can be viewed on YouTube by clicking on the picture to the left.


All musicians gave their time for free - the fee for the gig went into the Swear Box for Sheffield Children's hospital.


Special thanks to Tim Gillespie of Urchin Percussion, Paddy Maguire, Janna Hooson Maguire, Stuart Lord, Nigel Killner and Mark Lowe. 




Swear Box Christmas Curse


On Sunday 4th of December, the first annual Swear Box Christmas Party will take place at The Milestone, Crystal Peaks - and you're all invited.


Jamie, "I started Swear Box as a diary filler in late 2014 and our first gig was at The Milestone. I was already a member of The John Verity Band and also The Paddy Maguire Band, but I wanted to fill up those few gaps I had left in the diary.  I decided to do this by having a very flexible band with a pool of excellent players and good friends. I book gigs and then look who is available for that date.  It means that I'm able to provide a band suitable to the venue and we can work as a 3 piece, 4 piece or sometimes more. It keeps it fresh and exciting and it's one of the best things I've ever done. Sometimes I front the band and share the singing with one or two other singers, sometimes I employ a front man and I just play bass. Whatever the format, I always enjoy it and it always goes down well. The latest development is Swear Box acoustic. I've started doing an unplugged version of the band which can again, be of any size from a duo up. It's 100% live as always of course and it gives me a chance to showcase some of these fantastic acoustic instruments I have from Vintage.  With Christmas just around the corner, I thought it would be nice to bring together as many musicians as possible from the Swear Box pool of players to have a big acoustic jam together. I hope a lot of people will join us for what promises to be a very spectacular evening and it's very fitting that it will take place at the Milestone. We will begin at 6pm and continue until we stop."




Xvive U2 Guitar Wireless System Video

27.09.2016. The Xvive U2 Wireless Guitar System

Jamie has recorded a video sharing his thoughts on a revolutionary new guitar wireless system from Xvive, called the U2. He has been using the system at his gigs for the last 2 weeks and in this video, covers all its features and explains how it works. Click the pic to the left to watch the video on YouTube.




Blues At Sheffield O2

12.04.2016. Blues Festival in Jamie's Home City

The John Verity Band have been added last minute, to the bill of The prestigous HRH Blues Festival at Sheffield's O2 this weekend.  Jamie will be in Stoneleigh Park on Saturday with The Paddy Maguire Band, but back in Sheffield on the Sunday to rock some blues with John Verity on a bill that reads like a who's who of british blues-rock.




My Religion

08.03.2016. The new John Verity album, featuring Jamie Mallender

Jamie, "You'll probably think I'm saying this just because I'm playing on a couple of tracks on the album, but the truth is, I honestly think that this is John's best ever album. I was a fan of his music before I met him, before I found out what a lovely guy he was and before he asked me to join his pool of amazingly talented players. The album rocks harder than his recent records, but the blues feel is still very present. The drama and variety that are key components to composing a capivating album that makes sense as a whole - an experience, not just a bunch of tracks on a disk but a journey with highs and lows and power and balls and joy and pain and beauty and desperation and so much, much more. This album has been crafted beautifully and never cynically. The songwriting feels so natural and really speaks to me. This is a man, communicating with the audience, expressing something that matters - connecting via his exceptional command of his voice and his guitar. Lyrically, this album has some very amusing moments and also some deadly serious, poignant stuff. There's just so much to it I can't describe it in enough depth. It embodies exactly what I believe music should be all about. Do your ears a favour and buy it!"

Click on the album cover to be transported to John Verity's website where you can find out more details about the album and where it can be purchased. 



01.02.2016. Jamie Mallender performs at this years Giants Of Rock with The John Verity Band And Oliver's Army

In 2015, Jamie performed at The Giants Of Rock festival with The John Verity Band along with such rock dignitry as Slade, Magnum, Black Star Riders, Manfred Mann's Earthband, The Quireboys, Mick Ralphs, Bernie Marsden and many more.  The band was very well received despite playing the graveyard shift, late on sunday night when the audience had had a full weeked of having their ears assaulted by rock music and their livers pickled. The band was quickly added to the bill for the following year which is an unusual move, for a band to play the same festival 2 years in a row.

In September 2015, Jamie stood in on bass for the Legendary but sadly unwell Steve Dawson - with Oliver/Dawson Saxon.  As a result of this very successful "dep" job, Jamie was asked to join Graham Oliver's side project - Oliver's Army. The band would perform early, classic Saxon hits and would feature:-

Vocals: Brian Shaughnessy (7th Son, Oliver/Dawson Saxon)

Guitar: Graham Oliver (Saxon, Oliver/Dawson Saxon, T.Rex)

Guitar: Gav Coulson (Gav Coulson Group, Swear Box, Dog House)

Bass: Jamie Mallender (Tony Martin Band, John Verity Band, Swear Box, Paddy Maguire Band)

Drums: Paul Oliver (Oliver/Dawson Saxon)

Oliver's Army were soon added to The Giants Of Rock Bill, meaning Jamie would perform with both bands. 

It transpired that The John Verity Band would open the Saturday afternoon slot.  Many complained that it was too good a band on too early, but no matter how early in the day it was, the band played to a full house and went down a storm. John Verity was the highlight of many people's weekend and certainly had the best sound out front of any band that performed at the event this year.  There just aren't many players in the same league as John, who as well as being one of the world's finest blues/rock guitarists, also posesses one of the best voices in the business.

Oliver's Army were asked to close Saturday night's entertainment, which they did in style!  The band never told anyone that it was their 1st ever gig, they just went and did it with bravado and attitude, blasting through a set of Saxon classics to a very loud and excited full house of rockers. You would have thought this band had been out touring for months.  Brian had the audience eating out of his hand with his stunning vocals, down to earth approach and Barnsley humour. Whatever lies in store for this band, they certainly showed off some great potential at Giants Of Rock.

Jamie, "It's my birthday tomorrow and this weekend has been like a dream come true - a proper, amazing early birthday present.  I'm really proud to play for John Verity.  I believe he's one of the very finest performers on the circuit and is certainly one of the most decent chaps you could ever meet.  To step out in front of a nice big audience with a musician I respect like that, who is also a good friend and receive such a warm reaction from a crowd that obviously know their eggs, it's very moving. Musically too, John's material is right up my street.  Unfortunately, Bob Henrit wasn't available to play drums for John this weekend so we had young Liam Gray standing in. A truly excellent drummer with a natural, easy groove and incredible chops.  This is a young chap I expect to see do very well in the future.  He's a great guy too.  To be honest, everyone I work with is a great guy these days.  Life's too short to make career moves that involve working with dick heads.  I loved playing Giants Of Rock last year and it was great to come back so soon.  But to have the chance to play with 2 bands there in one day - double prizes!  Oliver's Army gives me chance to let off some steam with some old fashioned heavy metal bass thumping. I get to stand next to my good friend and ridiculous talent, Gav Coulson on stage too!  And to my right, is Graham Oliver!  It's a bit surreal really.  You don't realise until you see the set list, just how many of those early Saxon tracks are classics, that all rock fans know.  The formula is very simple really, 5 talented chaps who are all easy to get along with - having fun smashing out some really cool songs everyone loves.  It's difficult to screw that up really.  And I'm going to be totally un-modest and tell you, we rocked the place.  It was amazing.  On the Sunday I went for a burger and sat listening to people walking by chatting.  People were buzzing about a lot of the bands.  Who was their favourite, who wasn't, who was past it, who's trousers were too tight and so on.... The place was buzzing with great feedback about John Verity and Oliver's Army.  I felt like a very small, long haired hippie rock god.  A highlight too for me, was watching Bob Henrit and John Verity play with Russ Ballard from the wings.  That was super-cool!"

Stay tuned folks - more news soon!



Xvive Duet Looper

28.12.2015. The Xvive Duet Looper Pedal Walkthrough By Jamie Mallender

Xvive recently released a brand new looper pedal. It is so small that you could be forgiven for wondering just how it could possibly be capable of all the exciting features it boasts. Xvive commissioned Jamie to re-write the manual for the looper and to make a video walkthrough of exactly how to operate this little beauty. Check out Jamie's video at:- Duet Looper Demo Video

Also see:-

xvive website

xvive facebook page


Meet The Octopussy!

01.12.2015. Meet The Octopussy

Jamie TV Episode 13 has just been published to YouTube. The episode features a very exciting one-off 8 string bass converted from a Vintage V90 4 string by world renowned guitar guru and super-hero, Trevor Wilkinson.  Jamie demo's the sounds of the bass and explains its origins, and discusses why he wanted an 8 string bass. Jamie is still gigging constantly with Swear Box, The John Verity Band, The Paddy Maguire Band and others - and has some very exciting big shows to announce soon..... Click here to see Jamie TV Episode 13: Meet The Octopussy



Jamie Mallender Signature Pedal!

13.11.2005. The Xvive Bass Squeezer - A Signature Pedal By Jamie Mallender

Here is the brand new publicity poster/flyer for Jamie's signature Xvive pedal - the B1 Bass Squeezer. The initial buzz in response to the pedal's release is very promising. It is certainly selling and is receiving some glowing reviews. 

Jamie, "Bass Compression is an unexciting, not very sexy subject. But if you get into it and really get it right it can revolutionise your sound. It can give you all the punch and control, sustain and even signal you need to make you best effective in the mix. The problem is, at first it's tough to know what all the controls really do and often bassists are so unsure about it that they just give up. There are more unused bass compression pedals at the bottom of old gig bags than any other discarded musical item. When Xvive asked me if I'd like to develop a signature pedal with them I jumped at the chance to create a compression pedal that was easy to use and inexpensive. The problem is that it's so cheap - bassists have a hard time believing that it's as good as I'm telling them. But the truth is - it's very well put together, tank proof in fact with high quality components by engineers that care passionately about their craft. It will take up hardly any room on your pedal board and can be used in a number of different ways. It can be an overdrive, a pre-amp, a boost and also an effective paper weight. It takes a regular 9v power supply and would make an ideal stocking filler for your bass playing loved ones."



21.09.15. Jamie Standing in on bass with Oliver/Dawson Saxon

Jamie stood in on bass for Steve Dawson with Oliver/Dawson Saxon with only one and a half days notice at a sold-out Whitwell Music Festival on the 12th September. The band played an absolutely killer set of Saxon classics and were hailed by many as the absolute highlight of the weekend. Jamie's last minute effort at learning the set and rescuing the band has been very widely praised. We've managed to gather together a few shots of the set - check them out in the photo album.



Jamie to perform with ODS at Whitwell Music Festival!

11.09.15. Oliver/Dawson Saxon enlist Super-Dep at the 11th hour.

Jamie will perform with Oliver/Dawson Saxon at Whitwell music festival on 12th Sept 2015. Stage time - 8pm.

With 1 and a half days notice, Jamie has been asked to stand in for Steve Dawson with the legendary band who will perform a 1 hour set tomorrow evening. The band also features:- Graham Oliver-Guitar, Haydn Conway-Guitar, Paul Oliver-Drums, Bri Shaughnessy-vocals.

Jamie has jammed with Graham previously and recently Graham jammed with Swear Box at Mexborough Imperial - performing Wheels Of Steel, Get It On, Voodoo Chile, Smoke On The Water and Rock 'n' Roll.

Click here for ODS info : ODS

Click here for Whitwell Music Festival info : Whitwell Music Festival



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