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Anthem Duo - poster coming soon!


With effect from 1st Jan 2012, EPIC will cease to exist. Jamie has been searching for a vocalist to form a new project with to replace EPIC for some time. Thanks to a recommendation from Steve O'Brien (Jamies former Heroes bandmate) Jamie has now hooked up with Kay Lavin, an astounding vocalist with the ability to cover a wide range of musical territories with ease. The duo will be available for work in 2012, performing classic songs, old and new. We've heard clips of "Handbags And Gladrags," "Don't Wanna Miss A Thing," "Jar Of Hearts," "When You're Gone," "We Will Rock You + We Are The Champions," "Mustang Sally, "Use Somebody" and "Human" and this new venture is sure to take the scene by storm.

In other news, Jamie has been asked to do some promo for the new Fret-King Black label instruments. At this time the new guitars and basses are a closely guarded secret until the launch at NAMM, but Jamie has said that the instruments are of the finest quality and once again - a lot of instrument for a silly low price.

Stay tuned for more Fret-King Black Label info soon and more info re: Anthem. Poster + artwork coming shortly.



Click here for the brand new Raven Lord website


Jamie update: "First the bad news. It has been a very tough couple of weeks. The bad news is that there has been another change of heart in the EPIC camp. The decision is not mine, it has been taken completely out of my hands once again. I've worked and worked at our freelance situation, trying to establish contacts with agencies to secure us enough work to continue as a band into 2012. However, the band will cease to exist on 01.01.2012. This is very sad news for me. I have really enjoyed playing in the band and have taken this news very hard. I am now looking for a new regular gigging situation to fill my diary for next year. I have considered starting something new, or maybe there's a busy band out there I can join. At this point I'm not sure, but interested parties can contact me at jamiemal@hotmail.co.uk Now the good news. I'm pleased to announce that the brand new Raven Lord website is online and I'm very pleased with it. Recording of the album continues and the tracks are sounding awesome. I believe this is some of the best heavy material I've ever heard and can't wait for people to hear it in it's finished state. Check out www.raven-lord.com Also, Starbug is going from strength to strength. I'm getting many return bookings and lots of new customers, taking me right into 2012. So you know, one door gets slammed in your face, and others open. Take care of yourselves out there, crank the bass, be nice to each other and stay tuned!"





Recently Jamie was asked to produce a backing track in Starbug Studios for the song "Alone Again" by Gilbert O'Sullivan for a singer/guitarist who performs a solo show and has actually recorded his own version as well, which has now been added to the media page of this site. Jamie says, "This job offer comes at a time when I'm feeling really at odds whith the industry. I'm becoming increasingly frustrated with so many aspects of being a professional musician. Everything seems to be out of balance and the way forward is unclear. The job was to record and mix all the instruments to make a backing track for what was, by coincidence one of my mum's favourite songs. It was 10 years since she passed away this year and I'd wanted to mark that with some kind of tribute recording, but wasn't sure what. Whilst recording this very miserable tune it struck me that this would be the ideal track. It's a beautiful if very sad tune and musically it is just so damn clever - whilst at the same time being very touching lyrically. So, I handed over a finished backing track, then recorded my own vocal and guitar solo  and set a slide show to it featuring photos from the development of Starbug Studios. So, the song has served a few purposes for me and hat off to Gilbert O'Sullivan for writing this immaculate piece of genius in the first place. I learned a lot from pulling this one to pieces and re-recording it. I didn't know there were so many chords to choose from!"





Jamie is thrilled to report that EPIC will no longer be splitting up. The band are happy to continue working together and have agreed on new material and developments for the stage show to be brought in over the coming months. 2012 will see a revamped, reloaded, super new and improved EPIC and who knows, someone might even clean the van.

As EPIC are now freelance - contact Jamie directly for booking information.







EPIC are now freelance - contact Jamie - jamiemal@hotmail.co.uk


"EPIC would like to extend our thanks to Neil Tomlinson and Carl Taylor at WasIs Management for their commendable efforts as our representatives since the formation of the band. The office is first rate and performs at the highest level of professionalism. We have become freelance with their full co-operation and blessing."

As from today, EPIC are freelance. This means that people wishing to book the band may do so directly through Jamie - jamiemal@hotmail.co.uk / 07812079415 or book them through any agent of their choice. Contact jamie for further info and booking details.



Vintage 1005 - The Raven Lord Bass


For Raven Lord, Jamie required a new 5 string of seperior quality. He has settled on, and is proud to endorse, the Vintage 1005. See the "gear" page for further info. Jamie has already recorded a few bass tracks for the eagerly awaited debut Raven Lord album and the band are thrilled with the results so far.

Also, new pics have been added to the Starbug Studios page.

And, Epic will definitely cease working together on 31.01.2012. Jamie, "I've tried and tried to stop them from packing in, but unfortunately it's still going to happen. I've really enjoyed working with Eric and Steve musically and we have become firm friends. I think they are completely mad for packing in, and they will regret it before long. But I do have a new project in the pipeline now, so there's no more looking back. Whilst on the subject, there's a story going around that I left EPIC to do Raven Lord. Who knows how this rubbish gets about! But I can tell you, that's total bollocks. Everyone in Raven lord has other projects on the go, and no band member is expected to give up anything else. We work around each others commitments."






Jamie was recently approached by Raven Lord, the most exciting new Metal band on the planet as to whether he might like to be their bass player. Jamie jumped at the chance and is busy recording bass lines in "Starbug Studios." Jamie was the last hand-picked musician to join the 6-piece line-up. The band plans to release an album before the close of 2011 and the recordings so far sound incredible. Jamie had this to say about his inclusion in the project, “I’m thrilled to be part of this band. It’s very rare that any new metal music really excites me, you know – I’ve been around a while and I’ve heard it all before – but the recordings Raven Lord sent me really captivated me. I just thought, “I have to be part of this!” Everything from the standard of the songwriting, to the calibre of the musicians involved is rather mindblowing. I’ve been listening to the recordings none stop and I haven’t been this excited about laying down some bass for quite some time. I’m currently working on my parts and will be busy recording them by the time this statement is released. I’m looking forward to a very exciting future with this band. The world needs music like this!”

Discussing the latest addition to the ranks, Raven Lord vocalist Csaba Zvekan (Killing Machine, Sardonyx, Emergency) said: “The search is finally over and I’m proud to have Jamie in the band. We clicked right away and were on same page and I knew on the spot that this was our bass player. He is a very skilled player and what a great stage presence he has. We welcome Jamie Mallender to Raven Lord.”







"Tunes From The Mothership" released - Protest Song causes stir.


"Tunes From The Mothership," a brand new 6 track EP from Jamie, was released this morning. CD Baby have no physical copies of the CD left in store, but these will be replenished later in the week.

CD Baby have described the EP as, "Hook-laden, melodic, intelligently written songs, crammed with the exemplary musicianship and unmistakable, inspiring vocals one has come to expect from this 1st rate session man/side-man to the stars. The bass playing is as expected - out of this world."

Initial sales are said to be suprisingly good.

"Protest Song" seems to have generated rather a lot of e-mails already, with many people writing to say that they can really relate to the lyrics. Of course, wherever there's political/social comment there's a contrary opinion, and one listener sent rather a strong, long winded and right-wing slating of the song from a lyrical standpoint. Jamie says, "I picture the guy wearing fishnets and Nazi regalia, he's entitled to his opinion, as are we all. It's just that I'm right and he's wrong."




Click Here For Free Download


Jamie is giving away track 2 from his new EP, "Tunes From The Mothership," absolutely free. All you have to do is click on the pic to the left which will transport you to Jamie's Reverbnation profile, where you can sign up to his mailing list and get "What Am I To Do" downloaded totally free and totally legally. Jamie, "I'd love to have a substantial mailing list so that I can keep in touch with people who like my music.  I don't want to abuse it, just now and then let them know I have done something worth checking out. Not like these people who Tweet if they fart, and blog if the dog drops one. This would mean a lot to me, so I'm prepared to give something away for free in return. Also, other news as they say, I was on Redroad Radio last night on Andrew Platts' Classic Rock show chatting about my favourite 10 tracks. (http://www.redroadmusic.com/index.php/streaming-choice)

I really enjoyed the experience and will be going back at some point to discuss my own music and to set the music business to rights with some spirited discussion!"



Tunes From The Mothership EP Release Date


Fantastic News! Here's the date you've been waiting for - 08.08.2011! Not long to wait now - I refer of course to the date that Jamie's long awaited EP will be released. The 6 track EP will be available in both digital and "actual" forms, from CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, etc... etc...

A lot of people have asked about the name of the EP. The fact is that Jamie is nuts about bass pedals. He's been collecting them for years and has a rather expansive collection. The flight-cased board he uses live has been nicknamed "The Mothership," by many different musicians and bandmates. The joke is that when jamie powers up, whatever city he's playing in suffers a power-cut - or at least everyone's lights go dim. So, when Jamie set up his studio in the attic of his home he decided to call it "Motherhip Studios" - hence "Tunes From The Mothership." However, it was soon pointed out to Jamie that Steve Vai calls his studios "Mothership Studios," so the studio name was changed to "Starbug Studios," at the suggestion of one of Jamie's facebook friends. It's perhaps more apt, due to the size of the place. Anyway, the EP name stuck, and fits nicely with the Sci-Fi B-Movie style artwork Jamie had requested, supplied by Mr Adrian Bece.



Coming Soon - Tunes From The Mothership


The long awaited new EP from Jamie will be released imminently. An exact date should be announced in the next day or two. The EP's tracklist will be:-

1. Slip Away

2. What Am I To Do?

3. Protest Song

4. The Order Of Crayons (The Cult Of Eve)

5. Runnin' Down A Dream

6. False Promises And Pedalboards



July 2011


News update! As from 1st Jan 2012, EPIC will cease to exist. No details as to the reasons for this are available at this time, however Jamie has made it clear that he is considering numerous options.

All tracks from "Tunes From The Mothership" have been recorded and a new song called, "Protest Song" has been added. Jamie will be back in Starbug Studios to edit, mix and master as soon as his schedule will allow. We will post a release date just as soon as it is confirmed.

We've added a few pages to the Photo Album, in particular check out the excellent new shots of Jamie by Gary Barlow, and the "Gear" page has been revised.

Jamie recently recorded a 2 song demo for a young Sheffield band named "Distorted." The demo will be called "The Requidemo" and will feature the tracks "Requiem" and "Blue Hypocrisy." Check them out at http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/distorteduk












JHS - EVENT - 2011


A statement from Jamie, "As an endorsee of both Fret-King and Vintage basses and guitars, John Hornby Skewes (owner of both brands, both of which are designed by the genius Trevor Wilkinson) invited me to play at Event 2011. Event is a 4 day open-day, where music retailers and press chaps visit JHS to see all the latest products on offer, listen to endorsees jam, hear equipment demos and enjoy some very generous hospitality. I showed off my Fret-King Ventura, jamming with one of my heroes - John Verity of Argent fame on the 1st and 2nd days, on the 3rd day I performed a glam rock set with Gavin Coulson (I played a Danelectro Wild Thing bass, and Gav played the Danelectro Wild Thing guitar - they sounded ace and Gav was brilliant) and on the last day I gave a presentation about the new Danelectro Wild Thing guitars and basses and the amazing Cool Cat pedals. As I began, I looked up and there was Mr Skewes (the boss,) Gordon Giltrap (talent,) Gav (1st rate clinician,) Trevor Wilkinson (genius) and a number of chaps whose name tags said "press." Scary indeed. When I wasn't jamming or eating I was on hand by the Danelectro exhibition as demonstrator, which was an absolute joy. I have to say that over the last few days I've been treated very well indeed and the friendly and supportive nature of all the JHS staff has given me a much needed boost and has restored some of my lost faith in the industry and in human nature. Special thanks to Bob Henrit for being brilliant and patient and funny."


Jamie in Starbug Studios With Danelectros


Last Summer, Jamie appeared at the John Hornby Skewes "Event," jamming with various other name musicians who endorse their instruments. Jamie has been very happy to endorse the fantastic Trevor Wilkinson designed Fret-King Ventura 80 Bass and the Perception Bass for some time now and has since added the Ventura 60 guitar to his arsenal. As well as performing on the main stage on all 4 days of this years event, Jamie will be found in the gear tent demonstrating Danelectro basses, guitars and pedals. Jamie's obsession with pedals is possibly the main reason he was asked to do the job as he is a big fan of the "Cool Cat" range in particular. Jamie, "Danelectro is the oldest "cheaper" range on the planet. The designs are ingenious and have stood the test of time. They've always been seen as a little bit quirky, a little different maybe, and that in itself appeals to me. But I've also found them to be extremely functional and practical, professional instruments for the jobbing musician. Nat Daniel's legacy lives on. Guitars do not have to cost 2 grand to be good. The Wild Thing for instance (the blue guitar in the foreground) is a very versatile workhorse. I've had real sweet clean tones from it, bluesy bends and every concievable rock sound from a 60's fuzz, through 70's crunch, 80's metal, grungey noises, punk bite and screaming mental uber thrash. And the best thing, it won't break the bank. Buy one of these and the other guitarist in your band will be wondering why he can't get as good a sound as you, with his rack and his multi fx and his 2 grand axe and his 2 grand rig. I always wanted to try a Longhorn bass, but I was always kind of worried that I might be disapointed. They look so good! But I found that despite being very small (and portable,) they have lots of bottom end and plenty of punch, power and bite - depending how you dial the dual-concentrics. The single cut-away bass is much the same and in fact, even more portable, being the tiniest bit taller than a strat. I'm always going on about how great the Cool Cat pedals are, and at the risk of being boring and repeating myself (don't I get a little pass that says I can do that by my age?) these pedals are overlooked because they are so reasonably priced. Guitarists tend to think that the Cool Cats must be inferior to other names because of the price tag. Incorrect. Take for instance, the Transparent Overdrive. I can only think of one other pedal that does the same job, just as well, and it costs 5 times more. You see, quality, great tone, cool looks and funky innovations don't have to be expensive. Check out some Danelectro gear, and I promise you won't regret it. e-mail me, call me, stop me and ask me - I never mind talking about gear! Much Love, your favourite gear nerd, Jamie."

Cool Cats At Starbug



Your Invitation To Join In The Jamie Mallender Q+A


Jamie, "I'm currently working on an EP, to be called, "Tunes From The Mothership." When it is finished I will once again be doing the publicity, interview, hoping for decent reviews thing and have decided to put together something of a press kit. As part of the press kit I will be including an interview, compiled by questions from numerous sources. I've done numerous interviews over the years I could pull from, but I thought I'd ask you guys if you'd like to contribute. It can be one question or several, I don't mind."

"I thank you in eager anticipation. Love, Peace and Kebabs, Jamie."

 Please e-mail Jamie directly at jamiemal@hotmail.co.uk

When the interview is complete, I'll ask Jamie permission to post it here. There will soon be exciting news regarding Jamie's new EP. I understand that progress has been slowed by studio renovations, but recording is now back underway. More news as it comes.



Logo By Adrian Bece


Today sees Starbug Studios open it's doors as a commercial studio for the 1st time. Jamie's studio was established purely for his own recordings to be made in. But due to the sound quality and success achieved with them, many people have enquired as to whether they might be able to record there. This prompted Jamie to further develop the studio and to allow select customers to record with him. Jamie will produce and engineer all sessions personally. Jamie has referred to his studio as "Mothership Studios" for some time, but for this commercial venture, the name has been changed to "Starbug Studios."



Purchase "Slip Away" on iTunes


Today sees the release of "Slip Away," a download only single, available from all the usual digital download sites.  Jamie, "It's been just over a year since "Return To Bass," and I really didn't want to wait this long to put out another record.  I love recording and I have a lot of music in me, I just need the time to put it down on tape!  I've been singing a lot whilst I've been working with Eaglesque this last 12 months and this has got me back into the singer/songwriter thing.  So I've decided that as soon as i can, I'll put out an EP, 3 vocal tunes (one of which is a cover of one of my favourite songs) and 2 instrumentals.  The EP will be called "Tunes From The Mothership," and Slip Away will be track 1.  I'm releasing the single version of it now as a download only, as a little taster and to keep the fans awake!" 

There's a nice little video to go with the song too - check it out on the media page.

Click the single cover artwork to be magically transported to Jamie's iTunes store where you can download "Slip Away" very cheaply.   Or here to download from CDBaby.






The latest issue of Bass Guitar Magazine features an interview with Jamie.  Check out the media page of this site to view the full interview.  It was conducted in April of this year, so is a little out of date, but is nevertheless a good read.

The new EPIC poster has arrived and can now be seen on this site's EPIC page.  The band are taking bookings with effect from 1st December this year, and the diary is filling up fast.

Soon, a free download track will be available from Jamie, called "What Am I To Do."  A single release called "Slip Away" is also planned for the very near future.









Due to an arm injury, Terry Freeborn expressed a desire to leave Eaglesque earlier in the year.  The band looked for a replacement, but was unable to find anyone suitable.  Terry is not just a solid drummer, but also an exceptional vocalist.  The band decided to continue as a 3 piece under the name EPIC.  The band remains 100% live and will continue to perform the material they have become known for, but will also be introducing new numbers from the last 5 decades of popular music, including some very up to date songs.  EPIC will be available from 1st January 2011, when Terry will take some time out to heal.  He will however re-join the band from time to time when Eaglesque regroup to perform specialist Eagles tribute shows.  Do Wah Diddy will also continue as a 3 piece - as seen here in their new poster.

Jamie, "We will be very sad to lose Tez, he is a very talented man and a good friend.  We've had a lot of laughs and kebabs together.  But it can't be much fun for a drummer nursing an arm injury.  We are looking to the future very positively - we have 3 successful projects on the go and we are fortunate enough to have Eric who can sing lead and play drums at the same time.  It would have been easy to become a track based band at this point, but it's important to us to remain true to ourselves.  I think people will be suprised how full the 3 piece will sound, and I hope some people will question why so many bands do use backing tracks.  I'd like to see a return to honest musicianship and less people getting paid for miming." 



There's a lot happening in Jamieland at the moment.  He's currently working on his next release, and also on a CD for EPIC/Eaglesque/Do Wah diddy, but more news of those projects to come soon.  As you will see, this website has recently had a facelift and overhaul.  The new photographs were taken at John Hornby Skewes by Gary Barlow, and feature the Fret King Ventura 80 Bass and the Fret King Perception Bass.  The backgrounds and photoshopping work come courtesy of Adrian Bece who also worked on the "Return To Bass" album cover.  Jamie, "I've been using the Fret-King basses now for a few months and I continue to be very impressed.  I was really pleased with the photos Mr Barlow took of me with them.  As I get older, I dread photo sessions more and more, but Gary was very easy to work with.  I also wish to extend a huge personal thanks to Adrian Bece, who worked his magic on the "Return To Bass" cover and has now assisted with tarting up my website with new artwork.  He will also be working on the cover for my next release.  Any band or website needing that special something artwork-wise should contact this guy."








A few updates in one.  On 14th June 2010, Jamie performed at the John Hornby Skewes "Event," alongside Saxon legend Graham Oliver, John Verity (Argent,) Dave "Bucket" Colwell (Bad Company,) Gordon Giltrap, Chantel McGregor, Thomas Blug and Bob Henrit.  Jamie was very excited about the event and was pleased to give JHS something back for all the help and support they have recently given him.  Jamie is featured in the new "Gear" magazine - which can be viewed on the media page of this site.  He is also awaiting inclusion in Bass Guitar, Metal Hammer and Bass Frontiers.  Recently moving house, and being very busy working live recently has slowed Jamie's recording process down.  However, at his new home he has a new studio called "Mothership Studios," so please keep coming back to the site for updates on Jamie's latest recordings.  Also, Eaglesque have further developed their 60's show, "Do Wah Diddy,"  so eyes peeled for a brand new website and poster coming soon.












Jamie has recently accepted an endorsement opportunity with Fret-King guitars.  He is currently playing the Perception and Ventura (pictured) basses.  Jamie, "I couldn't be happier wih these basses.  I've had them a week and I've recorded 15 songs and played 4 gigs with them.  I don't endorse anything just for the sake of it - I have to fall in love with it first!  People who endorse a product just for the publicity and then don't really use it are cheating the public and should be shot!  I'd like to thank the staff at John Hornby Skewes, particularly Gavin Coulson and Gary Barlow (who took this photo) for offering me this fantastic opportunity." 

The 15 tracks to which Jamie refers are the songs recorded for inclusion on the forthcoming Eaglesque CD.  More news on that soon.


17.04.2010 - Photos From Sweden Rock Cruise

On 7th April, The Tony Martn Band flew to Stockholm, ready to play The Sweden Boat Cruise the next day.  The band had an evening to kill in Stockholm, but were rather shocked by the prices of food and drink.  The picture to the left shows Jamie and Danny Needham's reaction to the price of the first round of drinks.  A few different photographers have been kind enough to allow us to use their shots of The Boat Cruise gig from the following night, in Jamie's photo album.  Just go to Photo Album, Tony Martin, Sweden Cruise - to view the pics and read further info about the gig. 

Other news, Jamie is currently recording an Eaglesque CD.  The CD is set to feature several Eagles songs and a few assorted bonus tracks.  More news on that as it comes.






08.03.2010 - Kicked Off Hammerfest

Yes it's true, Tony Martin's Headless Cross have been removed from the Hammerfest 2 bill.  Following their cancelled USA/Canada tour last summer, this is the last thing the band needed and has come as a very serious blow to Jamie.  As has become their usual practice, Jamie and Tony Martin Band drummer Danny Needham (now also with Venom) rehearsed last week just bass and drums to prepare for the gig and once again it seems that their efforts were in vain.  Jamie, " I wish the news was different.  I would like to extend my apologies to the many fans who bought tickets to Hammerfest because they wanted to see us.  I think the organisers will realise soon enough that there will be some very disappointed people at the festival.  Sorry to those of you I agreed to meet and sign things for.  Sorry to Donna who was patient and supportive whilst I shut myself away and practiced the songs to get back up to speed, all for nothing.  And most of all, sorry to Gareth from Hartke Artist Relations for going to a lot of trouble to organise a rig for me, only to be told at the last minute not to ship it.  That wasn't embarassing enough!"  Jamie will not be making a statement about the reasons for cancellation at this time.


03.03.2010 - Fireworks Review "Return To Bass"

Today, new pictures have been added to the photo album, which were taken at this weekends Eaglesque gigs.  As excitement builds for The Tony Martin's Headless Cross appearance at this years Hammerfest on 12th March, Jamie still continues to receive rave reviews for his solo album.  This one by Sue Ashcroft, Fireworks Mag issue 39. 

"Having played bass with former Sabbath front man Tony Martin for the past few years, amongst other things, Jamie Mallender releases his first solo album 'Return to Bass.' This instrumental album features Jamie exculusively and is something which I would probably recommend for connoisseurs and musos rather than the man on the street. That's in no way a criticism, more of a reflection on the standard of playing and style of music.

Coming from such a hard rock background (Bailey's Comet, the Tony Martin Band and Zal Cleminson's Oskura) you would pherhaps expect an album from Jamie to be of this genre - not so. The album is a magnificent mix of jazz, rock, blues and all points inbetween. I was reminded at times of Stanley Clarke - one of my first bass loves and a very noticeable influence of Jamie's.

Apparently, the album was a way of Mallender channelling his frustration after the US tour he was scheduled to go on with Tony Martin was cancelled only hours before he was due to leave for the airport, leaving him with no income and no work. His energy wasn't wasted. High points of the album for me are 'The Bass Player Answers Back', which has a Zappa-esque feel in parts, but then almost Jethro Tull-ish in others, and the amazing 'Captain Blake Versus the Lion', which is old-school prog with pleanty of keyboard wizardry.

This eclectic mix of styles is an excellent showcase for Mallender's talents, but even though he's shunned commerciality with this release, I hope sales of this little gem will spur him on to bigger and better things."







02.02.2010 - Happy Birthday Jamie!


02.02.2010 - Happy Birthday Jamie

Today Jamie celebrates his birthday a very happy man.  This website has had a total facelift and has been re-launched today.  "Return To Bass" is selling steadily, and was included in the recommended releases of Bass Musician Magazine's CD Hot Spot, in the latest issue which came out yesterday.  Classic Rock magazine had this to say about the album, "You might know Jamie Mallender from his stint as bassist in former Black Sabbath vocalist Tony Martin’s band. There again, perhaps you won’t. Now usually, the thought of a bassist doing a solo album has as much appeal as Thierry Henry in an Irish pub. But against all the odds, Return To Bass is listenable and entertaining. Lots of cool noodling from a man who understands how to ride the balance betweem being accessible without compromising his musical integrity. No obvious pop-rock hits here, but if Billy Sheehan style presentation is your bag get a copy from www.jamiemallender.co.uk"

Eaglesque are going from strength to strength with more and more work filling up the diary nicely and now they have their own page on this site.  Last but not least, there is a UK gig to look forward to for The Tony Martin Band (see previous news article.)  It has been decided that the band will be billed as Tony Martin's Headless Cross, following much speculation on the matter.


05.01.2010 - Hammerfest


Jamie, "Happy new year everyone.  I'm happy to start the year off with the news that I will play Hammerfest in Prestatyn, North Wales with the Tony Martin Band on 12th March this year.  Click the pic to the left to check out the official Hammerfest site." 

"My sincerest thank-you's to those of you who have purchased "Return To Bass" and helped put my career back on track and restore my confidence.  I'm eternally grateful."









09.11.2009 - Return To Bass Released


Today Jamie released the "Return To Bass" album independently.  It is availabe through CDBaby.  To purchase the CD or to digitally download it, please click the link below.  Jamie, "I've poured my heart and soul into this album, and I've learned so much and become a much better a musician whilst recording it.  This is a very proud day for me."









Jamie Mallender: Return To Bass

30.10.2009 - Eaglesque


Eaglesque are a 100% live 4 piece band with incredible harmony vocals and 1st rate musicianship.  Depending on the booking, they perform an Eagles tribute show, or the best of The Eagles with some tracks by other similar bands to mix it up a bit and late November they will also be launching a '60s show.  Recently their bass player had to step down due to some personal issues.  Jamie was drafted in at the last minute and the band honoured all gigs.  Jamie has now been asked to join the band as a full time member - an offer which he was very pleased to accept. 





10.10.2009 - Return To Bass Complete


"Return To Bass" is complete!  Jamie has finished his solo instrumental album.  The album was a 1 man operation from start to finish.  All tracks written and recorded by Jamie, featuring the man himself on all instruments.  Mixing and mastering has now taken place and a promo version of the album called "The Return To Bass Recordings" is  available by e-mailing returntobass@hotmail.com , pending an official release of the album.  Artwork has been contributed by the fabulous Adrian Bece.  See "Recordings" for more details. 


28.09.2009 - Interview From Nowhere


Jamie recently did an interview for The Tony Martin Era of Black Sabbath and his other Collective Works site, and he has even been given his own page there.  The link for the site is  http://edtrader.proboards.com 

Jamie has been working hard on his own recordings recently, and is on his way to completing another great new instrumental - "Theme From Nowhere." He is soon to make a video to accompany one of his tracks.  It's about time they had something better to go with them visualy than a simple slideshow of old photos. He's currently undecided which track should get the video treatment and so he has invited fans to make their suggestions.  Feel free to e-mail Jamie or put a comment on the guestbook with your suggestions.


10.07.2009 - Cancelled Tour


The tour of USA and Canada has been cancelled. Tony Martin made this statement yesterday on his MySpace page,

"Yes its off!!!!  We did everything we could to get to you guys, and right up to the last minute we were negotiating it. We couldnt get contracts agreed, or financial arrangements agreed, and even the artwork and advertisements caused problems.

The word being put out is "personal and creative differences"  Well it CERTAINLY  wasnt creative!!!!! The band are absolutely FLYING!!!!! The last few days spent in rehearsals was awesome!!!! Nothing wrong with our creativity i can promise!!!

And personal?!!! What the heck is that!!! The band is closer than ever!!

Nah... I'm afraid its business shit that is the problem this time. Just pure business shit!!!

We are sickened to the core that we werent able to get over there, and there are some that will be celebrating that. Well HA!! He who laughs last....

Now we travel to Brazil where we will unveil the new set.

Its an exciting but frustrating time and we offer our deepest and most sincere appologies to you that intended to support us.  We won't forget that.

Best Wishes

Jamie is deeply disapointed and would like to add the following statement, "It was a very sad moment when we had to make the decision not to fly to the USA.  I extend my sincerest apologies to the fans who have already made plans to attend the gigs and have purchased tickets.  Judging by the volume of e-mails I have received over the past couple of months, there was a lot of interest in this tour and that just saddens me more deeply.  I have never toured the USA and I can't tell you how excited I was about going there.  Lots of people are trying to get a statement out of me about the tour cancelation, but I really don't feel like discussing it right now.  This has hit me very hard, and has left my family in financial difficulty.  I have 2 children to provide for, so I have to pick myself up and find some work to try to replace the lost earnings.  I gave up all my other work to free me up to do this tour and many months of hard work went into putting an awesome show together.  In rehearsals this week I have to say that I have never heard a tighter, more powerful sounding band.  Tony's voice was in unbelievably good shape and it is a crying shame that America and Canada will not get chance to experience this now.
The other bad news is that I will not be able to go Brazil in September to play the shows with Tony, Danny and Geoff, as cancelation of the US dates means it is no longer financialy viable to take me there.  This situation I have to say, is in no way the bands or the organisers of the Brazil dates fault.  It is just a knock on effect from losing the USA tour." 


17.06.2009 - USA Tour


Tony Martin just made this announcement on the Black Sabbath official website, "OK Its official and you're the first call.

Yesterday they confirmed that all visa applications were under way and that means we're definateley on our way.

Everything thats out there up till today has been speculation but if you wanna start talkin about it you can say you heard it for real from me.

The band is gonna have an advertising tag of Headless Cross.. its really the Tony Martin band, and thats what we enter the states as.. but the promoter has got itchy fingers i think and decided its better to use the album title .... I'm not ENTIRELY happy with it just because ,.... but I decided to run with it .

So the idea is to commemorate 20 years since Headless Cross and I can reveal that some of the songs have NEVER been done live before... Like Black Moon... Its a REALLY complex track but we're gonna bring it to the stage and show it off... also we've just left behind th anniversary of Eternal Idol so there's gonna be some more off that album too like Born to lose.

Looking forward to getting out there and seeing what response we get.

I have to say its been a hard slog with negotiations and getting visas and stuff so we come at VERY short notice and hope to be with you guys in just under 3 weeks from now!!!

The band consists of myself, Geoff Nicholls, My drummer Danny Needham, Empire guitarist Rolf Munkes, and Jamie mallender, we are a couple of members short normally we like to have more people up there but it wasnt possible this time round but we got it covered.

We arent able to bring with us much in the way of visual stuff just because there is so little time to get it all together so ... its just the songs... Me and....well .... i hope.. you guys!!! Dates are becoming published and that was a little premature cause some of them didnt have confirmation but from now there will be and so if you find something near you its almost certain to be real.

But you can always check with me i guess.

We're out there till the end of August.

Best wishes


25.0.2009 - USA Tour Announced.


Jamie is absolutely over the moon to announce that the Tony Martin Band will tour the USA from 20th June 2009 to 31st August 2009.  The full date sheet is not yet available, but the dates will be posted here as soon as possible.  The band has been off the road now for longer than they would have wished, and are returning with a new set of Tony Martin era Black Sabbath, Tony Martin solo and Empire tracks, a slightly updated sound and renewed hunger to perform.  Jamie has been halfway round the world with Tony, but has never visited the USA.  It is the one place he has always wanted to perform more than anywhere else, and is currently busy reminding himself of the old songs and learning the new ones.

For this tour, Jamie has all new gear.  He will be playing a Musicman Bongo through a Hartke rig and using Rotosound RS66LE's.

Jamie has been asked to write a tour diary for  www.RockRadio.co.uk which will also be posted here, so keep checking back for his regular anecdotes.

Next addition to the website will be a photo album, to feature pics from Jamie's own camera on the road, fans pics and photo shoots etc......

(Pic - Deborah Stone)



07.04.2009 - Integrity.


Tony Martin will be touring extensively this year (dates to be announced soon,) and Jamie will as usual be handling the bass duties.  Unlike many musicians, Jamie only endorses products that he actually uses and truly believes in.  That is why Jamie will be touring with a Hartke Bass rig and playing Rotosound strings exclusively. 


17.03.2009 - Relaunch.


Jamie is back!!!!!!!!  In more ways than one.  As many of you may know, Jamie toured with former Black Sabbath vocalist Tony Martin on and off for a couple of years, playing all over Europe, the eastern block, Russia, Asia, etc...etc....  Since December 2007 The Tony Martin band has been inactive.  This was just as well because Jamie's partner has been very ill for the last 12 months, preventing him from being particularly active musically.  However, with his better half now fully recovered, Jamie is back with a set of new bass oriented instrumental recordings for your listening pleasure.  (Each page of this website features one of Jamie's own tunes playing in the background - apart from the Tony Martin Band pages.) And  there are new Tony Martin tour dates soon to be announced, And  as you can see, Jamie has a brand new website.  There is a lot of work left to do on this site, but seing as how a very incompetent company who shall remain nameless called Lycos failed to transfer Jamie's website over to the new host before ceasing operations as website hosts - all the hard work Jamie had put into the site was lost. Please keep checking back to the site to see how both the site and Jamie's career are developing. 












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