Recorded Bits And Bobs....

Robots & Vampires


When Jakob Haq And Kai Aras released Agonizer, their stunning bass synth for iOS in November 2000, Jamie wrote "Robots & Vampires," to help promote it. It was made on his iPad in Cubasis 3 using Agonizer for every single instrument. Previously only available on YouTube, it is now available at Jamie's Bandcamp. 

Written, performed, produced, mixed and mastered at Starbug Studio by Jamie Mallender.









Brighter Day



Gob: Jenna Hooson Maguire

Git: Paddy Maguire

Kit + B Vox: Tim Gillespie

Bass + B Vox: Jamie Mallender


Recorded Remotely


Mixed and Mastered: John Verity











Man Who Sold The World

Man Who Sold The World - Digital And Streaming Single - 09.06.2020.

David Bowie Cover


Performed by Jamie Mallender at Starbug Studio.






New Attitude

New Attitude - Download & Streaming Single - 08.05.2020.

Written and recorded by Jamie Mallender at Starbug Studio.


All instruments and vocals by Jamie Mallender.


"Chanelling the spirits of Lennon, Bowie and Petty, Jamie brings you, "New Attitude," the perfect sitar laden, octave bass driven power pop anthem for the current climate." 


Featuring -


Danelectro Baby Sitar + "The Octopussy" Vintage V90 converted to an 8 string octave bass by Trevor Wilkinson and Mike Smith.




When The Blues Comes To Town - Download & Streaming Single - 22.08.19.

Written and recorded by Jamie Mallender at Starbug Studio.


All instruments and vocals by Jamie Mallender.


"When The Blues Comes To Town is an upbeat blues boogie, showcasing Jamie's 3 string cigar box guitar slide playing."


Swear Box Cigar Box Guitar by Screaming Skull Guitars

Vintage VE8000PB-12 Paul Brett Signature 12 String Acoustic

Vintage VJ74 "Superbass" Prototype




5 Minutes Of Happiness

5 Minutes Of Happiness - Download & Streaming Single - 15.07.19. 

Written and recorded by Jamie Mallender at Starbug Studio.


All instruments and vocals by Jamie Mallender.


"5 Minutes Of Happiness is an upbeat, throwaway acoustic country blues pop rock romp, with melodramatic break-up lyrics and tongue firmly in cheek."


Pilgrim Progress VPBG26 6 String Banjo

Vintage VGE800N Gemini Paul Brett Signature Acoustic Guitar

Vintage VE8000PB-12 Paul Brett Signature 12 String Acoustic

Vintage VJ74 "Superbass" Prototype

Pilgrim VPMA30 Mandolin




It's All Good

It's All Good - 27.04.19

1. Man Of Opinion

2. It's All Good

3. The Centre Of The Universe (Album Version)

4. Till You Came Along

5. Not Done Yet

6. Hold On To Me

7. HippieBilly Boogie

8. Wicked Ways

9. Lowdown

10. HippieBilly Death Trance

11. Life Is Short

12. Lost In Bass


All tracks written and recorded by Jamie Mallender at Starbug Studio. 


All instruments and vocals, Jamie Mallender.




Man Of Opinion

Man Of Opinion - Download Only Single - 01.11.2018.

Written and recorded by Jamie Mallender at Starbug Studios.


All instruments and vocals by Jamie Mallender.


"Man Of Opinion is a no frills, to the point, out and out guitar based rocker that sets out to make a point and does exactly that."


Featuring - "The Octopussy" Vintage V90 converted to an 8 string octave bass by Trevor Wilkinson and Mike Smith.

Vintage V100 AFD Paradise.

Vintage VV60


Recorded entirely on iPad in Cubasis 2. 




The Centre Of The Universe

The Centre Of The Universe - Download Only Single - 04.06.2018.

Artwork by Layla Mallender (age 9)


Written and recorded by Jamie Mallender at Starbug Studios.


All instruments and vocals by Jamie Mallender.


Featuring:- Vintage VGE800N Gemini Paul Brett Signature Acoustic Guitar

Vintage VE900MH Acoustic Guitar Modded For Slide

Fret King Black Label 4+1 5 String Bass Guitar

Pilgrim Progress VPBG26 6 String Banjo

Urchin Longboard Stomper

Mapex Snare Drum





Download On iTunes

HippieBilly Boogie - Download Only Single - 02.02.2018.

Written and performed entirely by Jamie Mallender at Starbug Studio, Jan 2018.


Featuring:- Screaming Skull Cigar Box Guitar

Urchin Longboard Stomper

Vintage VCB430MH Acoustic Bass

Vintage VE900MH Acoustic Guitar

Vintage VE8000PB-12 Paul Brett Signature 12 String Acoustic

Bohemian Moonshine Oil Can Electric Ukulele

Random Shakers and Tambourine




Blue To My Soul

John Verity - Blue To My Soul. November 2017.

1. Such a Feeling
2. This Old Dog  (Featuring Jamie Mallender On Bass Guitar)
3. Blues in Heaven 
4. The Blues Is My Business 
5. Never Gonna Change 
6. Alabama Blues 
7. Say The Word 
8. Wasted Years 
9. A Better Way 
10. Hold Your Head Up 




My Religion on iTunes

John Verity - My Religion. March 2016.

1. My Religion

2. Hope For The Best

3. The Devil's Music (Featuring Jamie Mallender On Bass Guitar)

4. Going Down (Featuring Jamie Mallender On Bass Guitar)

5. Chain Of Fools

6. Cocaine

7. Prove Your Love

8. Spoonful

9. Farkhunda

10. Oh Why?




Descent To The Underworld 01.02.2013

Raven Lord's debut was released amidst a hail of hype, publicity and no small amount of controversy. It was welcomed with horns up, by true fans of the Heavy Metal genre, and honoured with worldwide fanatical reviews. 


Eternal Terror, "... Csaba's range is fierce, delivering lyrics from a place well known to ardent fans of Sean Peck and Jon Oliva, advancing the story with an intense rivalry that mirrors the music at hand..."

Rockpit, "...Raven Lord simply bursts out of your speakers, there’s hardly any other way to describe the wall of sound. And it’s only a few minutes until you are convinced this is something special..."

Metal Portal, "I congratulate you and Raven Lord with release of debut album! I am shocked! Its bomb! Its brilliant!"

MOD's Metal Ward, "... a masterpiece of heavy metal music...it is easy to see why Raven Lord will surely rise to become one of the top bands in the industry..."

Battlehelm, "...This is the bigger than life kind of heavy metal that all should be into. You can’t call yourself an metal fan and not like this..."

Brutiful Metal Radio, "...Descent to the Underworld paints a landscape that takes the listener to the lands of swords, and sorcery in the vein of Dio meets Yngwie, but with a sound that is completely unique. Metalheads, this album is the total package! Everything about Descent to the Underworld screams professionalism, from the music right down to the packaging. Recorded and mixed by famed engineer Fredrik Nordstrom (In Flames, Arch Enemy, Opeth) and mastered by uber-guru Maor Appelbaum (Rob Halford, Fight, Cynic, Roy Z) the disc sounds absolutely amazing from beginning to end. Ravenlord clings to many of metal's cliche's that most bands today shy away from, which in this listeners ears is very refreshing to hear...not from a nostalgic standpoint, but from a place that yearns to hear these anthemic themes yet again. Kudo's to Ravenlord, because if this debut is any inclination towards future endeavors, than this listener can't wait to see what is yet to come! ..."

Metal Delirium, "I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that every song on this album, and this album as a whole, will be the top of its class in the power metal genre and possibly heavy metal as a whole this year. From start to finish their is not a weak point, not a bad song, not even a missing link in a song that I could knock off points for. This is a true masterpiece of the metal genre and should be respected as such Rating 10/10"

This list of quotes, of journalists raving about this album could quite literally go on and on and on.



01. The Rebel

02. Attila The Hun

03. Let The Show Go On

04. Seal Of The Cross

05. Settle The Score

06. Promised Land

07. Black Friar

08. World Out Of Steel

09. Revelation

10. Metal Knights

11. Sun God

Tunes From The Mothership

Tunes From The Mothership EP - 2011

CDBaby, "Hook-laden, melodic, intelligently written songs, crammed with the exemplary musicianship and unmistakable, inspiring vocals one has come to expect from this 1st rate session man/side-man to the stars. The bass playing is as expected - out of this world."


"In November 2009, Jamie released his debut album, "Return To Bass," an instrumental offering which was a huge critical if not commercial success. Now he's back with "Tunes From The Mothership." An EP comprising of 6 tracks, 4 of which feature his unmistakable Bolanesque/Tom Petty influenced vocals, the remaining 2 tracks being stunning instrumentals. The songs are very intelligently wriiten and packed to the brim with great melodies, harmonies and dazzling playing. Captivating, often moving and at times - thought provoking, this release covers an awful lot of musical territories and breaks boundaries, whilst keeping the songs hook-laden and within the "don't bore us get to the chorus" scheme of things. Once again Jamie is wearing ALL the hats - Writing, producing, engineering, singing and playing all instruments.  He's showcasing his outstanding bass guitar playing once again here, yet he's never OTT with the flash, always underpinning the song but ripping it up where called for. The effortless fretless playing on "Protest Song" is worthy of particular note, and the tasty mix of styles on display in the instrumental, "The Order of Crayons," is something else. It also turns out that Jamie is no slouch on the 6 string, ripping out tremendous tasty solos throught the closing instrumental "False Promises And Pedalboards," and for the cover of "Runnin' Down A Dream," he's recreated a lot of the original solo but added in a few ideas of his own.

All round, this is a very pleasing and exciting release which sets the bar pretty high and defines Jamie Mallender - the artist."










1. Slip Away

2. What Am I To Do

3. Protest Song

4. The Order Of Crayons (Cult Of Eve)

5. Runnin' Down A Dream

6. False Promises And Pedalboards

Slip Away

Slip Away - Download Only Single - 2010

Released 1st December 2010 as a taster from the forthcoming "Tunes From The Mothership" EP. 

Having a critically acclaimed solo instrumental album under his belt, one might expect Jamie to continue releasing albums in a similar style.  However, having spent a year on the road with Eaglesque singing intricate harmonies and even some leads, Jamie found his interest in singing and songwriting had been revitalised.  He dug out his old demos and found "The Free Download EP" which was available on MySpace a few years ago, for a limited time only.  The most popular track from that recording was, "Don't Let It Slip Away."  So, Jamie re-recorded the track giving it the Mothership studios treatment, shortened the name and here it is.  Written and recorded by Jamie Mallender, also featuring Jamie on all instruments and all voices.  Check out the media page to see the video, or click here for download. Slip Away - Slip Away - Single
















Return To Bass

Return To Bass - 2009

Jamie's first official release is a bass oriented solo instrumental album.  The material covers various musical genres and styles, yet retains Jamie's "don't bore us, lets get to the next bit" approach to composition.  The album was released independently on 9th Nov 2009.  To purchase a copy or to digitally download it, please go to www.cdbaby.com/cd/mallenderjamie or alternatively click on the album cover.


CDBaby describe the album as "A bass guitar oriented fusion, crossover, progressive, instrumental album featuring a mishmash of genres, time changes and mood swings with a loose Sci-Fi B-Movie feel - more musical journey than virtuoso showcase, nevertheless displaying impressive chops."

Jamie has this to say about the album," In making "Return To Bass" I have ignored every formula in the book, every critic with an opinion of any kind and every opportunity to make it more commercially accessible. I have skipped from one genre to another and spliced musical styles together, always avoiding the obvious route. This album was not written to please anyone but me. Each track expresses how I felt at the time of recording, and goes on a musical journey that I enjoyed taking. It was not recorded to make a lot of money, or to make me famous. This album is my one finger answer to a music industry that needs a good old shake by the throat, and to all people who are happy to be spoon-fed manufactured music."

All instruments on "Return To Bass" are played by Jamie himself.  He also wrote and produced all tracks.

The album is available on Amazon and for download on i-Tunes.  Jamie Mallender - Return to Bass










1. Layla's Funk

2. The Bass Player Answers Back

3. Theme From Nowhere

4. The Amazing Adventures Of An Interstella Glam Hippy

5. Planet Happiness (A Tribute To The Cardigan)

6. The Guilt

7. Return To Bass

8. Kidney Bean

9. Captain Blake vs The Lion


Jamie Mallender: Return To Bass


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